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What I’ve Learned From Starting a YouTube Channel

What I've Learned From Starting a YouTube Channel

As photographers, it’s vital not to keep all our eggs in one basket, but to expand our means of income by setting up different revenue streams, one of the most popular of those streams being YouTube. But is it still possible to make money from it in 2020? In 2016, I started up my YouTube channel , and it wasn’t until 2017 that I started posting content. Back then, I focused solely on living off freelancing jobs only, never thinking about expanding my revenue. I wish I give past-me a firm kick in the butt for not thinking about it, because three years later, when everyone had to stay inside, I was forced to expand my revenue streams. In the year’s months of isolation, I did more on my channel than I did in three years. I started posting regularly by creating searchable content in line with my profession. […]

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