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Is This the Best Camera You Will Ever Own

This Is the Best Camera You Will Ever Own

Debate among photographers about the best camera will rage unabated until the end is nigh. And there will likely never be universal agreement. Despite that, the best camera you will ever have is not a Canon, a Sony, a Nikon, or even a Hasselblad. Have you heard the story about the time a customer approached Picasso at a cafe one day and asked him to sketch something on a napkin for him? Apparently, the man asked Picasso to name his price for the napkin sketch, to which Picasso responded by asking for $100,000. Outraged, the man claimed such a price was ridiculous considering it only took Picasso a mere 30 seconds to create the sketch. The punchline, so the tale goes, is that Picasso told the man it hadn’t actually taken him 30 seconds to create the sketch, but rather 40 years. How accurate this story is one can […]

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