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The Powerful Tool for Improvement That Most Photographers Don’t Use

The Powerful Tool for Improvement That Most Photographers Don't Use

There are many ways to improve as a photographer, but not all ways are created equally. One of the most effective and well-documented methods for improving at any skill is also one not undertaken by most photographers. I have a personality trait that is generally negative, but occasionally useful: I get obsessed with things. When something interests me, I can’t help myself from going down the rabbit hole and consuming as much information on the subject as I can obtain. When I picked up my first camera, photography was far from any different. In fact, it might have been one of the strongest examples of it. I spent every free second taking pictures, reading articles, viewing other photographers’ work, watching videos, buying documentaries, and so on. One specific element of this rampage for information was highly effective, and quite by accident, something I would later learn the name of […]

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