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The Holy Trinity of Lenses: Are These All You Need?

The Holy Trinity of Lenses: Are These All You Need?

These three lenses should make all your photography woes go away. They cover a huge focal length range and are of high quality. But are they the only lenses you need? Across many camera and lens manufacturers, there’s a set of three lenses that are designed to work together as a team that should cover almost any situation you find yourself in. Ideal for beginners with money to burn or for pros that want reliability and convenience, these three zoom lenses cover wide angle, standard, and telephoto focal lengths, all with a sweet, sweet, constant fast aperture. Though touted as being your go-to lenses to cover pretty much any situation from portraits to sports, landscapes to astro, are they really as good as the manufacturers say? Do they provide you with everything you need to capture a wide range of images whether for fun or on assignment for a […]

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