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How to Master Your 24-105mm Zoom Lens for Landscape Photography

Video of MASTER your 24-105mm ZOOM lens for Landscape Photography This lens is an essential part of my photography kit and one, which I would not go out into nature without. In this article, I want to show how you can master and get the most out of your 24-105mm zoom lens and hopefully inspire you to use it more in your landscape photography. I am dividing this 24-105mm article into three parts. One that covers the wide perspective of 24-35mm, where you can get that dramatic look of the wide-angle lenses, one for the standard 35-70mm, which provides the look closest to human perception, and one for the short telephoto range of 70-105mm where you can get those dramatic perspectives that show scale, adventure and drama. 24-35mm At 24-35mm, you can fairly easily get that special wide-angle look, where it feels as if the foreground of the photo […]

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