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Essential guide to tripods

Essential guide to tripods

There are many reasons why you might use a tripod and some are more obvious than others. Ostensibly, they are designed to support your camera and lens, eliminate camera shake and ensure pin-sharp shots, and if you’re a fan of landscape or still-life photography, a sturdy tripod is just as important as the camera and glass you opt for, particularly as sensor resolutions increase. But there are hidden benefits to using a tripod: they force you to slow down and therefore make it easier to make fractional adjustments to compositions and settings, which invariably results in a more considered approach and better results. Seascape photographers favour spiked feet for added stability in sand Choosing the right tripod for your needs can be bewildering, as there is so much choice; and of course budget, subject and style will influence your decision. The first considerations are material and weight. Most tripod […]

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