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Fstoppers Reviews the Canon EOS R6

Fstoppers Reviews the Canon EOS R6

While everyone is talking about the Canon EOS R5, its little brother seems to get less attention. The Canon EOS R6 looks like the same camera, but with less resolution. But the Canon EOS R6 is a complete different camera all together. Let’s have a look at it. Everyone knows about the two full frame mirrorless cameras Canon released. The Canon EOS R5 is getting almost all the attention, with its 45 mp sensor and 8K video capabilities. I reviewed this camera from a photographers perspective some time ago, and was very positive about it. But let’s not forget about its little brother, the Canon EOS R6 . I got an opportunity to review this camera also, and although it hasn’t got the resolution of the Canon EOS R5, it is a very nice and capable camera indeed. The Canon EOS R6, a 20mp mirrorless fullframe camera. Made for […]

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