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Halide’s deep dive into why the iPhone 12 Pro Max is made for ‘Real Pro Photography’

Halide's deep dive into why the iPhone 12 Pro Max is made for 'Real Pro Photography'

Sebastiaan de With, Co-founder and Designer of the professional iOS camera app Halide , has shared a deep dive blog post into the photographic capabilities of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max, showing a technical breakdown of all three cameras packed inside the flagship device. In many of the articles we gathered in our iPhone 12 Pro Max review roundup, reviewers said they didn’t actually notice that big of a difference in image quality between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. This came as somewhat a surprise considering how promising the technology in the iPhone 12 Pro Max looked, but without having further information to work with — or a review unit in our hands — it’s all we could go off of. As it turns out though, the cursory first-looks and reviews didn’t paint the entire picture for what the iPhone 12 Pro Max is capable of. […]

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