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A Beginner’s Guide to Capturing Winter Nature Photos

A Beginner's Guide to Capturing Winter Nature Photos

A winter frost can give the most amazing nature photos, from dewy spider webs to seemingly diamond-encrusted berries. Find out how to capture those frosty shots with this method that can help you get great shots every time. In this beginner’s guide to shooting winter nature photos, I’m focusing on the ability to capture those frosty scenes where it looks like diamonds or crystals clad plants and trees. This only occurs when weather conditions and the air temperature are just right, so there’s a lot of planning that goes into capturing wintry shots like these. This winter close-up shot was taken in the early morning when the frost was still clinging to the plant life around a nature reserve. I won’t be taking you through all the snowy shots that we normally associate with winter, as I’m hoping to extend the readability of this guide to those that live […]

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