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11 Ways to Improve the Sharpness of Your Images (Part 2)

11 Ways to Improve the Sharpness of Your Images (Part 2)

Ever gotten your images off the camera, zoomed into 100%, and been a little disappointed with the results? Ever had a hard time figuring out what went wrong? In this series, we’re looking at 11 common causes of poor clarity and how to address each. With a little practice, you’ll be able to glance at an image and know how to fix it. Last week , we looked at three common factors that can lead to a loss of image sharpness: the optical design/assembly of a lens, missed focus, and subject motion. This week we’re going to look at two more: camera shake and depth of field. Camera Shake The fundamental problem is a limit to how steady we can hold our hands. Trying to aim a camera involves complex feed-forward and feedback loops in the brain, integrating the visual system, motor cortex, and an intricate web of sensory […]

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