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Why Doesn’t Sony Sell a Pro Mirrorless Body?

Why Doesn't Sony Sell a Pro Mirrorless Body?

If there’s one thing that’s certain with Nikon and Canon’s product lines, it’s the availability of a professional specification camera body. With their pivot to mirrorless, it’s understandable that they haven’t released a MILC version yet. So why doesn’t Sony have a pro-spec body? Pro-spec camera bodies have a long history, largely vested in their ability to endure long periods of abuse from news photographers. In fact, the legendary Nikon F saved Don McCullin’s life taking a bullet in the process . Pro bodies are therefore manufactured to high standards that make them virtually indestructible, alongside significant weatherproofing to enable them to resist water and dust ingress. This high level of manufacture comes at a cost in terms of price, size, and weight. If it looks like a tank, then it probably is a tank! What is Pro-Spec? In terms of current offerings, Nikon’s D6 and Canon’s 1DX Mk […]

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