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The Sum Of The Parts Is Greater Than The Whole

The Sum Of The Parts Is Greater Than The Whole

Regardless of the subject matter you photograph, don’t overlook the small stuff. For instance, if you vacation in Paris, you’ll make photos of the Eiffel Tower, but will those images stand out as the best from the trip? If you go to Grand Teton National Park, you’ll photograph The Grand from Schwabacher’s Landing and Mount Moran from Oxbow Bend, but will images of other peaks or locations rise to the top? A photo safari demands you capture a regal male lion in the open, but while you drive the roads, do you pass up fantastic light on an impala? I’ve run many hundreds of nature photo tours to all the quintessential locations in the United States. On every trip, year after year, I stood in the best places to capture the Mittens of Monument Valley, the Howling Dog at Bandon Beach, under a classic cottonwood to frame The Castle […]

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