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The Guiding Light, Part 4: Dramatic Light

The Guiding Light, Part 4: Dramatic Light

In part one of this series, I addressed front light and in part two, I wrote about backlight . In part three, I addressed both sidelight and soft light . Part four ends the series with dramatic light. Dramatic Light: The Cutting Edge Front, back, side and soft light all have their pluses and minuses. Learning how to exploit them takes patience and practice. Practice using each of them as they’re all easily repeatable depending on the weather of any given day. But there are some special qualities of light that don’t occur as the norm. These qualities produce the most spectacular and dramatic conditions available. I refer to it as light on the cutting edge. Sunrises or sunsets that envelope the sky in a blood-red canopy, an iridescent rainbow that emerges from storm clouds, a spot-lit subject with a backdrop of dark skies all produce non-repeatable qualities of […]

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