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The Guiding Light, Part 1: Front Light

The Guiding Light, Part 1: Front Light

There are a number of factors that determine the success of a photograph, but for me, “It’s All About The Light,” hence the title of this four-part series. Let the light guide you as it dictates the quality of the image. If the light is bad, no amount of CPR from Lightroom and/or Photoshop will restore its life. In part one of this series, the focus is front light as it’s the easiest to comprehend. Part 2 will deal with backlight , Part 3’s primary topic will be side light and soft light and in Part 4, I’ll discuss dramatic light. To create a quality image, there are three key ingredients that dictate its success: the quality of the subject itself, the quality of the composition and the quality of the light. For nature subjects, it’s best to aim the lens at something appealing. When you hike, photograph the […]

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