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Shutter Speed Significance, Part 1: Stop The Action

Shutter Speed Significance, Part 1: Stop The Action

Today’s digital SLRs have multiple image capture mode options: Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Mode. Most camera manuals and articles written about each option instruct the beginning photographer to start with Program. The reason being is the camera chooses the “proper” shutter speed and “proper” aperture to provide the “proper exposure.” Most beginning photographers are happy if they obtain the proper exposure, but what if the beginner wants to try his or her luck with panning a moving subject or obtain infinite depth of field in a scenic? If you leave it up to the camera to choose the “proper” shutter speed or aperture for either of the above scenarios, the exposure will be correct, but the desired outcome will fail. The technology in today’s cameras is amazing, but the setting to read a photographer’s mind has yet to be incorporated. Within many camera’s Program settings, there […]

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