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Seven Myths in Landscape Photography

Seven Myths in Landscape Photography

Video of “Myths in Landscape Photography” – Photographing Denmark – Episode 4 There are many misconceptions or myths in landscape photography; here are seven worth forgetting about. I have been doing landscape photography as a full-time job for about four years now. Some of what I learned, to begin with, is at best misleading and at worst, straight-up wrong. In the above video, I talk about some of the myths I have encountered in landscape photography. If you want to read about them, this article is for you. Manual Mode The first one I want to deal with is manual mode. It is often said: “shooting in manual mode lets you control your camera” – as if you cannot control the camera in aperture priority or shutter speed priority and your camera’s light meter suddenly measures several stops of light wrong. Yes, it is true you “lock down” your […]

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