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How To Prevent Background Blunders

Prevent Background Blunders

Regardless of a subject’s impact, if the background is busy, has distractions, is too bright, etc., the photo falls short. Learn to treat your background with the same importance you treat your subject. It’s a winning formula. Think back to your Photo 101 days when you were shown the cliched image of a person with a telephone pole growing out of his head. Sometimes juxtapositions work well and bring a smile to the viewer’s face, but unless the end result is intentional and created to raise a laugh, it’s an obvious blunder. Learn how to simplify your backgrounds so when you run a background check, you feel confident you’ve succeeded. Tunnel vision in photography is very common. Even seasoned veterans fall victim to it. When a great subject appears in a viewfinder, the eye locks onto it and notices nothing else. It’s not until the image is reviewed on […]

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