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Makeshift beercan pinhole camera accidentally captures ‘longest known exposure’

Makeshift beercan pinhole camera accidentally captures 'longest known exposure'

Leading image credit: Regina Valkenborgh In 2012, while studying for her MA Fine Art degree at the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K., Regina Valkenborgh lined a beer can with photographic paper and built her own pinhole camera. Valkenborgh placed the can on a telescope at the university’s Bayfordbury Observatory and eventually forgot to retrieve the can, accidentally creating perhaps the longest exposure image ever taken . At the time, Valkenborgh, who is now a photography technician at Barnet and Southgate College, wanted to try her hand at capturing images without the aid of modern photographic equipment and technology. The beer can/pinhole camera, was found this past September by the Observatory’s Principal Technical officer, David Campbell. By the time the forgotten can had been found and removed, the University of Hertfordshire reports that Valkenborgh’s camera captured the sun rising and setting for 2,953 days, a period of eight years […]

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