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How to focus manually – top 20 tips

How to focus manually – top 20 tips

Manual-focus lenses can deliver superb results and you can get some real bargains at the moment, either used or new. Even if your lens has autofocus, AF may find it hard to lock on in low light for example, or you might need to focus manually when taking close-ups. Or when taking a long exposure landscape, using AF may not be appropriate. Angela Nicholson shares her top 20 tips for learning how to focus manually, speaking to a range of photographers. Image credit Douglas Fry Practice Most of us are used to powering up our camera, composing the shot, then pressing the shutter release to get a sharp image. Manual-focus lenses take a little more effort. Douglas Fry has been shooting professionally for over 25 years. In 2000, he switched to using autofocus kit but he was never really happy with it and switched back to manual-focus lenses in […]

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