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Give your film images the classic movie look

Give your film images the classic movie look

Ian Howorth thinks his Instagram account is a bit of a mess. There are, however, around 150,000 people who disagree with him enough to follow his every move, and a very good number of those tune in to like his images within minutes of them being posted. In fact it was on the strength of the pictures he shows on his Instagram story that AP got in touch with him for this interview. He is modest about his online success and says that as much as he really does appreciate the followers, the likes and the messages, the number of followers he now has is not what drives him. ‘It’s a nice ego stroke whenever you need one,’ he tells us, ‘but I got over it when the follower numbers reached 50,000. Beyond that it just felt like “more” and doesn’t do me any extra favours. I am very […]

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