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Gift Ideas for Film Photographers at Every Price Point

Gift Ideas for Film Photographers at Every Price Point

It’s about the time of year where many people are looking for gift ideas. This list outlines multiple options for a film photographer at multiple price points. To start, I’m going to break down my suggestions by price point. There will be broken down by items less than $25, $50, $100, and $250. There are, of course, other more expensive options but I wouldn’t suggest spending more than $250 without knowing very specifically what the person wants. I don’t plan to suggest, explicitly, any cameras throughout on the assumption that the photographer already has a camera. With that said, should you be set on gifting a camera, I will cover at the end of the article a bit on why it’s difficult to make a specific suggestion for someone I’ve never met. Further, I am not breaking anything down by camera type so the suggestions are a bit more […]

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