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5 Reasons You Should Be Shooting Astrophotography

Five Reasons You Should Be Shooting Astrophotography

It doesn’t take long to burn out on a single photographic genre, especially for a creative person not being challenged enough. If you’re in danger of burnout and could use a unique challenge to reignite your passion for photography, consider astrophotography. I will never forget that cold December night in rural central Wisconsin. It was the first time I had captured the stars with my camera. I ventured out with my tripod and DSLR, expecting that the dark sky would be fun to experiment with. But I had no way of knowing how enjoyable this process would be. Driving back to Chicago the next night to pop the SD card into my computer, I felt like a kid on Christmas day. I relished toying with the luminous images and was amazed at what my simple camera setup was able to capture. This sent me on a path of obsessing […]

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