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Checking Used Camera Lenses in Three Steps

Checking Used Camera Lenses in Three Steps

Most lenses are built to last forever – unless you break them. Hence, buying a used lens is often a good way to save money. In this article, you will learn what you need to check before buying a used lens. I love used camera gear. Most of the stuff that I find on different second-hand marketplaces looks better than any new gear looks after two months in my possession. Last week, I described how I check used camera bodies , today I’ll take a look at the examination of a used lens. Camera lenses have no date of expiry. Even models from a few decades ago can deliver amazing images. If it works, it works. Many older lenses are made of very durable material and might last longer than currently produced lenses. On the other hand, some lenses’ days are numbered. For that reason, I usually use three […]

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