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Celebrating the Canon EOS 5D series

Celebrating the Canon EOS 5D series

The year is 2005. As the digital photography market gathers pace and the masses transition from film and darkrooms to CMOS sensors and Photoshop, in shops like Jessops and Calumet up and down the country photographers are walking out with APS-C cameras like the Canon EOS 350D or the Nikon D50 under their arms. However, a revolution is about to happen that will change the trajectory of the image-making industry for the next 15 years. On 22 August 2005 Canon pulled the covers off its first full-frame DSLR for the mass market and the Canon EOS 5D line of cameras was born. For the next decade and a half, four incarnations of the marque would change the world of both stills pro photography and film-making. The Canon EOS 5D lineup would also be joined by two sister cameras that – despite being launched way back in 2015 – still […]

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