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Capturing Subjects With Distinct Shapes

Capturing Subjects With Distinct Shapes

From repetitive hexagons woven into beehives, to the support systems of skyscrapers, shapes are found everywhere. They consist of lines, patterns and repeated forms or they can take on their own unique structure. Intertwined networks of various configurations await the discerning photographer to extract, isolate and capture what could be the outlined silhouette of a wild animal or the iconic form of the Statue of Liberty at sunset. Lens choice, light, color, contrast and shooting angle all contribute to the success of capturing subjects with distinct shapes. Shape plays a dominate role in identifying objects in everyday life. The silhouette of a dormant tree in winter or the outline of an airborne flock of geese at sunset need no explanation as to what they are. Everyone is familiar with these forms, yet in the eyes of some, they’re deemed mundane. As a photograph, they’re often overlooked. But if you […]

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