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Capture Moody Snow Scenes

Capture Moody Snow Scenes

Charge your camera batteries, dress warmly, grab the camera and revel in capturing wonderful powder photos. Freshly fallen snow provides amazing advantages to photographers who seize the opportunity. Snow transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland, covers up debris and disguises other distractions. Leafless bushes become pillars of white, mundane boulders transform into soft fluffy pillows, the grand landscape becomes pastoral and takes on a tranquil peacefulness unobtainable under any other conditions. A huge perk to winter photography is the sun rises much later and sets earlier in the day, which allows you to sleep in or return from your shoot and eat dinner at a normal time. Magical Colors Snow reflects the color of the sky. This behooves you to be in position for dawn light and to stay out till dusk to impart vibrant, warm tones upon it. Be sure to include the colorful sunrise or sunset […]

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