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7 Ways manual focus can improve your photography

7 Ways manual focus can improve your photography

I love convenience, and am all for anything that makes life a little easier, like autofocus. Being able to just pick a spot in my viewfinder, press a little button, and have the camera use its perfect vision to help me tell my story is magic. I use it all the time. But, I learned the hard way that there are times when manual focus can be a crucial skill to master. The first time was when my autofocus failed me. At the beginning of 2019, I decided to do a personal 365 project and realized I needed a subject that was easily accessible if I wanted to shoot daily. With two kids in college and only one high schooler left at home, I knew they wouldn’t be my answer. I quickly turned my attention towards nature. I had purchased a macro lens years prior. On a budget, I […]

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