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5 Ways Shooting Film Makes You a Better Photographer

5 Ways Shooting Film Makes You a Better Photographer

In a world where digital photography is ever-present, film photography often takes a back seat. But this analog medium actually has some crucial lessons to teach all of us, if only we’re willing to listen. I can walk out the door right now and take 3,000 photos, all with different exposures, colors, and resolutions, but in this world of infinite possibilities, there’s something I’m lacking: direction. Often, when faced with an endless supply of options, we find ourselves, as artists, struggling to create. That’s where film photography comes in. Film provides us with a clear set of restrictive limitations that despite holding us back in many ways, can actually help prevent creative blocks and offers up a set of rules in which to follow. This strengthens the technical knowledge of the photographer in many aspects, as well as its ability to allow creative artistry to flourish. So, let’s take […]

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