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5 Things Your Phone Does Better Than Your Camera

5 Things Your Phone Does Better Than Your Camera

The cameras in phones aren’t working with much. Between small sensors and simple lenses, it’s impressive they can produce the level of quality that the most recent flagships phones are capable of. But there’s more to an image than just pure image quality. Do you want to know the 5 things cameras could learn from phones? Casual Usage Ever needed to grab a quick shot, or even worse, hand your camera to someone unfamiliar with it? While cameras have gotten more configurable, with remappable buttons and complex AF implementations, it makes getting that vacation snapshot more difficult. On my camera, if I were to hand it to a stranger, I’d have to explain or remap AF-ON back to the shutter button. I’d also want to turn back on Face Detect AF, disable any shutter delay, turn back on VR, and toggle a host of other changes to make it […]

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