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4 Improvements I Love in the Nikon Z 6II

4 Improvements I Love in the Nikon Z 6II

Just got a new box in the mail with a rather awesome surprise; a loaner Nikon Z 6II. I will have the camera for a couple months to fully put through its paces, but wanted to share some initial thoughts. First off, this is not a full review. As I mentioned, I’ve only had this camera a couple of days. Basically just long enough to do some walkabout photography, do a little bird photography, and chase my puppy around the yard to test out autofocus. In fact, as I process my work through Capture One and, as of writing this, Capture One does not yet support the Z 6II raw files, I have yet to even import images and do any pixel peeping. Without a doubt, that support will come shortly, perhaps even by the time this article is published. And there are other ways to process the raw […]

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