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3D Printing Your Own Camera Accessories

3D Printing Your Own Camera Accessories

I’m a gadget guy. I always appreciate anything that can make my life easier, safer, or more enjoyable. When I recently acquired a Kywoo3D Tycoon 3D printer, I thought it would be an excellent time to make my photography life easier. One drawback of using a tripod gimbal head is that you need to use a nodal rail for lenses that don’t have a lens foot. I keep two in my camera bag, but I occasionally don’t want to take my bag with me on short outings. When I don’t take my bag with me, I have to make sure to grab a spare battery, a nodal rail, my tripod, and my camera. Having the nodal rail and battery with me means I will have to deal with things in my pockets. Large items in your pockets tend to fall out easier when you squat or sit. For a […]

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