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Wildlife Photography: Steps For Success

Wildlife Photography: Steps For Success

Wildlife photography is one of the most difficult areas of photography one can enter. There’s a myriad of factors that have to fall into place to create a fantastic wildlife image. Take a minute to ponder all that must occur to get the shot and see if I cover them all below—think about it before you read on and make a mental list. Find The Critter This may sound rudimentary, but number one on the list is you must encounter the animal you want to photograph. There are no guarantees if you go to Glacier National Park that you’ll see moose, or if you go to Yellowstone you’ll see bison, or if you go to Rocky Mountain National Park you’ll see elk, or if you go to the California coast you’ll see sea lions, etc. If I had a dollar for each time I drove the Lamar Valley and […]

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