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Why Don’t All Cameras Have These Five Features?

Why Don't All Cameras Have These Five Features?

Modern cameras are much more than light-tight boxes for capturing images; they are small but powerful computers that offer an array of capabilities for photographers. Here are five features that every modern camera should have. 1. Built-in Calculations Depending on the genre you shoot, photography can be a very technical pursuit that involves crunching different numbers to make decisions. Imagine if your camera could do that and update them in real-time on the rear screen or in the electronic viewfinder. For example: Your camera already knows the aperture and focal length you have set, and it gets an approximate focus distance from its autofocus algorithms and the position of the lens elements. With this information, it could dynamically display depth of field, including the near and far limits. This would be a huge boon for landscape, macro, or even portrait photographers. Similarly, hyperfocal distance could be displayed, and your […]

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