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What is the Right Gear for Landscape Photography?

What is the Right Gear for Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography can become an addiction — including your photography gear. When is the right time to give in to the urge of trying something new — and what’s important in the beginning? Let’s make it clear in the beginning: No gear can replace your skills and your artistic […]

Far too often, we see beginners crave for gear that will lift their photographs to a whole new level – completely in vain. There is no way to work around the most important gear: your own body. One does not simply point one’s lens at something and shoot a stunning image. Landscape photos need some effort. Of course, there are some occasions when we get lucky. Still, the often-heard sentence “Wow, your camera makes beautiful photographs” usually refers to the fortune of a nice sunset or outstanding scenery – not to the gear.

The first steps into landscape photography are easy: You don’t need a model, you don’t need a lot of gear, you don’t need to travel far – there are beautiful sceneries everywhere. All that you need is a camera and the willingness to control your image. You might hike up a hill, find a beautiful tree on the field, or visit the seaside. Timing is everything: Season, weather and light are the most important ingredients for landscape photography.

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