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Take back control: get off your camera’s auto settings

Take back control: get off your camera’s auto settings

Although our cameras are clever and sometimes make correct choices they don’t always hit the nail on the head, and cannot account for creativite decisions. If you want to move your photography to the next level you need to start taking back control from your camera and learn to take charge. By getting out of the full auto modes you can open up many different opportunities and expand your approach. For example, that slow shutter seascape you’ve been wanting to master or capturing flawless portraits is now a possibility. It’s a good idea to think of it like this. A photographer who shoots using full auto mode is like an artist who paints by numbers. There is some creative input but you’re being guided by certain limitations. To become a Picasso or Turner of photography you need to pick up your paint brush (camera) and get back to a […]

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