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Shutter Speed Significance, Part 2: Emphasize The Action

Shutter Speed Significance, Part 2: Emphasize The Action

Learn how to use various shutter speed settings to create the look you desire so your pre-visualized concept becomes the end result. It will enhance your picture making exponentially. As I stated in part 1 , the auto setting of today’s cameras has become immensely sophisticated, but it still hasn’t learned how to read a photographer’s mind of the effect they want as an end result. Using Aperture Or Shutter Priority Use Aperture priority or Shutter priority to control the shutter speed necessary to obtain the effect you see in your head. I utilize Aperture priority. I dial in a given aperture while I simultaneously note the corresponding shutter speed to obtain a proper exposure. Regardless of the situation, I’m always aware of the working aperture and the working shutter speed. I spin the dial that controls the aperture until I obtain the shutter speed I need to capture […]

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