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Re-Think Your Winter Landscape Photography

Re-Think Your Winter Landscape Photography

I’ve photographed the Alabama Hills for over 30 years and have seen snow on the granite boulders exactly once. When I heard snow forecast in nearby Lone Pine, I grabbed my photo equipment and drove 180 miles in time for sunrise after the first snow to do some winter landscape photography. Snow-covered cactus below Mount Whitney and the Eastern Sierras in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California. I captured a stunning scene at sunrise with white snow blanketing the reddish boulders. The grand vista was great, but I wanted to capture a different feel. Re-thinking my approach, I looked for unique elements to interpret the landscape in an alternate way and found a beautiful mound of cactus. You seldom see desert flora covered in snow, so I made the cacti the prominent element of the scene. These two critical elements, rare snow on this landscape and snow-covered cacti, […]

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