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Photography is About to Change Massively, Here’s What it Means for You

Photography is About to Change Massively, Here's What it Means for You

There’s a new change happening in the photography world and you may not even be aware of it. Let’s see how it’ll pan out and learn how it might affect you. The digital revolution handed photography to the masses on a large scale, with the introduction of digital cameras and camera phones gradually lining the bags and pockets of everyone around the world. Almost everyone we know now owns a camera of some sort. Taking digital photos has become the new normal and in the past two decades alone we’re now consuming more imagery and media than ever before. And there’s a new change happening right now and it’s leading to an inevitable upheaval of everything we’ve become acquainted with in the past 20 years. So, are you ready? A Change in Technology As soon as phones became powerful enough to sport cameras, the digital photography boom came in […]

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