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Micro Sized Full Frame: Fad or Fantastic?

Micro Sized Full Frame: Fad or Fantastic?

Full frame photography was once the preserve of the hefty DSLR, but as the mirrorless bandwagon gains traction, we are now seeing a number of full frame mini marvels emerging on the market. Offering the same sensor — and so image quality — of their bigger brethren, but in a much smaller and lighter package, are these fantastic additions to the product lineup or just the latest fads? It may seem strange but we appear to be at the point of a paradigm shift in photography. Perhaps one of the most enduring aspects of camera hardware — and sources of frustration — is the lens mount. It offers the ultimate flexibility in the optics you can affix to the camera body which is what has made the ILC a standard design option. That flexibility comes at the cost of integration which has a knock-on effect on size, weight, cost, […]

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