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KUVRD’s new Universal Lens Hoods claim to fit 99% of lenses

KUVRD's new Universal Lens Hoods claim to fit 99% of lenses

Photography accessory manufacturer KUVRD has announced a crowdfunding campaign for its latest product, the Universal Lens Hood . As its name suggests, the new product is a collapsible silicone lens hood that KUVRD says will fit 99% of lenses. The Universal Lens Hood is the result of more than seven iterations, with the final version being put through ‘rigorous field testing in varying temperatures’ to ensure it’s ready to take on the elements. The product, which comes in two sizes — Small (54mm) and Medium (72mm) — is made of a ‘hyper-elastic silicone polymer,’ not unlike the material used to make the company’s stretchable lens caps released back in 2017. The Universal Lens Hood can be expanded forward and collapsed backwards to precisely fit your needs without getting in the way and the lint-resistant coating should ensure you’re not left with dirt and fuzzies stuck all over it as […]

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