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Is a Lucrative ‘Gold Rush’ in Stock Photography About to Happen?

Is a Lucrative 'Gold Rush' in Stock Photography About to Happen?

There’s no denying that the Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. The way companies and individuals act towards photography going forward is about to shift dramatically. Are you ready for this? This pandemic has scuppered the way many photographers can make a living, and its effects […]

This pandemic has scuppered the way many photographers can make a living, and its effects are bound to be felt for a very long time. Until a cast iron vaccine has been developed and implemented, the behavior of both people and businesses is going to be somewhat nervous and risk-averse. While some of these actions may only be temporary, many areas will never revert back. Economic issues are also bound to have an effect on our industry for a good while yet. As the world hurtles towards another recession and money is tight, “luxuries” such as photoshoots are often one of the first items to go out of the window.

The Coronavirus is already shaping human behavior, economics, and how much we put the environment first. As the world emerges from this pandemic it would be foolhardy to think the photography industry will not have to adapt to these massive changes. How much stock photography is embraced remains to be seen but it solves a problem that many companies are going to face. The longer it takes to get back to some kind of normality with photoshoots the more companies will get used to using these alternative options. Maybe we need to change the name of “stock photography” to something more like “remote photography” instead? As everyone gets comfortable running their businesses from home via video apps like Zoom and FaceTime, it’s hard to believe the way our industry operates will not change dramatically. I’m expecting things to be socially distant, much less extravagant, and more considerate to the environment going forward.

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