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iPhone 12 Pro camera review round-up

iPhone 12 Pro camera review round-up

Today is the day a number of reviewers are allowed to share their first thoughts on Apple’s new iPhone Pro, the smaller of the company’s two latest flagship mobile devices. While we didn’t get the chance to take one for a spin, we’ve rounded up a few reviews from across the web to see what others’ opinions on the photographic capabilities of the new iPhone devices are. From more general tech-centric reviews, such as The Verge’s Nilay Patel’s, to photo-specific reviews such as Austin Mann’s in-depth dive, we’ve tried to gather a nice spread of opinions. Over the coming days, as more reviewers get units in their hands, we’ll add those to this round-up. If there’s one you think we should add, leave it in the comments below. Austin Mann You can’t talk about annual iPhone camera reviews without mentioning Mann’s thorough deep dives. He’s spent some time with […]

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