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How photography can help with mental health

How photography can help with mental health

Seeing the huge response to the pieces we’ve published about mental health over the last few years has been hugely gratifying, as photography is about much more than f stops, ISO wrangling or the arcana of lenses. Photography fascinates us because of its infinite variety: it’s an art, a science, a tool to enhance our well-being, and a lot more besides. This year has been particularly difficult for anyone struggling with inner demons, and although the worst of the lockdown isolation is hopefully over for many, this wretched, ongoing virus is hardly conducive to optimism. We are where we are, however, and one big positive to come out of 2020 has been the growing appreciation of photography’s power to help us cope with difficult times. Maybe it’s because taking pictures often gets you out into nature and away from your ‘washing machine’ head, or the false refuge of your […]

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