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Fstoppers Reviews Remini: The A.I. Photo-Enhancing App That Can Resurrect Images Where You Missed Focus

I have seen a lot of uses of artificial intelligence in the editing of photos, particularly in the last couple of years. This app, however, might be the most impressive yet, albeit walking a questionable line of “editing gone too far.” I saw tools using A.I. for post-production of images as a time-saver for photographers who aren’t particularly bothered about bleeding every last iota of quality out of their edits or true-to-life accuracy. I had and have absolutely no issue with that, but I didn’t feel these tools were aimed at me. Then, in the last year, I’ve gradually seen the improvement and value of these tools. In 2020, I have spent a fair amount of time with Luminar products in particular as I’ve developed a relationship with them, and what they’re doing is pretty singular. However, this week, I’ve seen a quite different function of A.I.; rather than […]

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