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Freeware Versus Subscription Part 1: Can Darktable’s ‘Lighttable’ Beat Lightroom’s ‘Library’?

Freeware Versus Subscription Part 1: Can Darktable's 'Lighttable' Beat Lightroom's 'Library'?

I wanted to explore if freeware can perform better than the most common software subscription for photographers. Find out where Darktable, the free alternative for Lightroom, is ahead — and where it falls behind. Can Freeware Be Better Than a Subscription? Recently, I had to pay for my yearly Adobe subscription, and what can I say? It still hurts. Even though the subscription is part of my job and a necessary investment, every December, I get an early, unwanted Christmas gift. At the same time, some of the readers of my and fellow writers’ articles asked for educational content about Darktable . I love input and suggestions, but there’s a problem: I have never worked with Darktable. My recent bill made the start easier, and I gave it a try. Can freeware actually be an alternative to my subscription? In this article, I share my experience with the first […]

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