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Five Good Reasons To Shoot Abstract Photos

Five Reasons To Shoot Abstract Photos

It’s always nice to capture a subject in its purest form, presenting it powerfully. However, shooting an abstract photo can turn an ordinarily drab subject into a work of art. Merriam-Webster defines abstract as “disassociated from any specific instance, difficult to understand, insufficiently factual, expressing a quality apart from an object, and having only intrinsic form with little or no attempt at pictorial representation or narrative content.” Abstract photography is also called conceptual or non-objective photography. The nice thing about abstract photography is that it’s all subjective; there is no right or wrong abstract photo. It tends to bring out the real artistic side of the photographer. Here are five reasons you may consider shooting abstract photos. It Makes You Focus on Composition The basis of most abstract photography is the focus on color, shapes, lines, angles, and other aspects of composition more than ever. Often, composition makes or […]

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