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Don’t buy more storage – shoot more selectively

Don’t buy more storage – shoot more selectively

‘More pixels only mean I’m going to need more storage space! I’ll have to buy another 6TB hard drive just to get through the rest of the year!’ You see comments like this all the time when a new camera with a higher resolution is launched. Yes, it’s true that high-resolution sensors will obviously create larger files that are going to require more storage space, but my question would be ‘How many images of that sunset do you need?’ The reality is that the vast majority of us take hundreds, probably thousands, of images that we will never edit or show another person. They’ll remain unloved in the purgatory of F:/photos for the rest of our lives or until the hard drive fails (back up your images, people). They deserve to be put out of their misery. Having recently looked through my last five years of landscape photos searching […]

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