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Buyers guide: what are the best DSLRs to buy?

Buyers guide: what are the best DSLRs you can buy?

Mirrorless cameras are getting a lot of headlines at the moment and with good reason, particularly with the new breed of powerful, full-frame models. But there is still plenty of life left in the DSLR system, and although a lot of camera and lens makers are increasingly diverting R and D budgets towards expanding their mirrorless range, DSLR models still play an important role in manufacturer’s line ups, targeting a wide range of consumers from beginners to pros. Pentax, for example, is resolutely sticking with DSLR technology. DSLRs remain a cost-effective solution for many photographers, and of course, the technology is tried and tested. There is a huge choice of reasonably priced lenses and although the Electronic Viewfinders (EVFs) on mirrorless cameras have got a lot better, some photographers still prefer the optical viewfinders of DSLRs. Battery life can be better too, and of course, not everyone wants to […]

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