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An Easy Way to Turn Daylight Into Night With Flash

An Easy Way to Turn Daylight Into Night With Flash

Video of Datus Shoot Final Final Final If you’ve ever wanted to create more dramatic portraits with minimal effort or even completely in-camera with no Photoshop, this video is for you. In this photoshoot, I set out to create a dramatic editorial image that looks like it was shot late at night. The catch: I’m actually going to be taking the photo at 4 pm. As photographers, our job often requires us to create two different types of photos. The first is more or less a standard image that simply looks “nice.” These images are often bright and airy, and they may look natural, even though we relied on strobes or constant lights. Or, they might be exposed dark, but they still basically represent the scene as it was presented. The second type of photograph we often have to capture is much more flashy and dramatic. These images might […]

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