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A Review of the Canon EOS R5 From a Sports Photographer’s Perspective

10 Things a Motorsports Photographer Couldn't Live Without
Testing Out The Canon R5 For Sports Action and Portrait Photography...Does It BEAT The 1Dx???

Video of Testing Out The Canon R5 For Sports Action and Portrait Photography…Does It BEAT The 1Dx??? As more and more photographers move to mirrorless camera systems, it is important to test and get some hands-on experience to see if a specific camera body will meet your average work flow. There are a lot of impressive new mirrorless cameras hitting the market but are they the right upgrade for you? Sports photography is one of those niches that can be very gear demanding. While you can get away with picking up just about any camera and walking away with good photographs as a portrait or landscape photographer, not all cameras have the tools needed to shoot sports at a professional level. While there is no substitute for first-hand experience, it is great to get reviews from photographers in a variety of fields to better set expectations. Local Boston sports […]

Improve your sports photography with the Canon R5, whatever level of photographer you are.

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